Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chattanooga Bus Tragedy Brings Me To This Question

so does a law become a law if the city, state...etc can make money by ticketing ppl without a seatbelt ..& say its for the good of the people.but when we want to require seat belts on school bus ...& question this ...nothing ever gets done, it somehow gets swept under the rug until we forget bc it will cost...city, state...etc not make money and nothing gets done, then when something like this tragic accident happens...we start questioning this again....So if your underage,, required to attend school. and have no choice but ride the bus ....the law "Click It No Ticket Its the law"..doesn't apply..... it makes me question...when a law is passed .....is it considered for the good of the people only when it costs the people,,,.but when i have no other choice but to put my child's life in a strangers hands ,,..No seatbelts are required ....but I am required to send them and if I'm disadvantaged have no other ride but public transportation....I cant at the very least have the peace of mind that they have a seat belt on....

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