Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chattanooga Bus Tragedy Brings Me To This Question

so does a law become a law if the city, state...etc can make money by ticketing ppl without a seatbelt ..& say its for the good of the people.but when we want to require seat belts on school bus ...& question this ...nothing ever gets done, it somehow gets swept under the rug until we forget bc it will cost...city, state...etc not make money and nothing gets done, then when something like this tragic accident happens...we start questioning this again....So if your underage,, required to attend school. and have no choice but ride the bus ....the law "Click It No Ticket Its the law"..doesn't apply..... it makes me question...when a law is passed .....is it considered for the good of the people only when it costs the people,,,.but when i have no other choice but to put my child's life in a strangers hands ,,..No seatbelts are required ....but I am required to send them and if I'm disadvantaged have no other ride but public transportation....I cant at the very least have the peace of mind that they have a seat belt on....

Sunday, October 23, 2016

#fightcancer #fightwithmusic

This is a plea to my Music Family ...this time I need your help

Hi my name is Kimberly Posey Smith, some of you may already know me from our local music scene. I am founder of  Chattanooga Bands we are dedicated in supporting Chattanooga's talented musicians & artists I am also  booking agent for Ziggy's as well as a local photographer, and Registered with the US Associated Press 
The reason for my GoFundMe campaign hasn't anything to do with any of that. It's something much more personal. Its a rare occasion when you read something about my personal home life, in this case I have no  other choice but to ask for the help from my Music Family as well as my family and friends...

A few weeks ago my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer.  

This was  totally  unexpected...I thought  he had a bad case of pneumonia that he couldn't shake...

It felt like someone punched me in the stomach when the doctor said Mr Smith  you have cancer

I heard the words the doctor was saying,  but  it was as if she was talking to someone else.....like I was listening closely to the bad news that the other patient on the other side of the curtain was getting.

I walked around on auto pilot for days...His brothers and family members would ask for updates...But the only answers I had was I'm  not sure, I think so, and I just don't know.  

I wasn't able to comprehend what the doctors were explaining to me ...It was to much at one time & not to mention it still hadn't sunkin that my husband has cancer.......It still doesn't feel real...but praise  God he has carried me and my husband..

I am asking all my Music Family to think back ....if I  had ever helped you on a music project, shot a music video for your band  or .took a killer pic of you Rockin on stage....promoted your shows.....streamed your tunes on our podcast..added your show to our calendar.....promoted your shows, booked your band a show ...bought some of your merch.....Please help me ....help me to have peace of mind knowing while I'm doing everything I can to give him the tools to fight this disease......the peace of knowing our electric   will still be on and we still have a home to go to .....&  Christmas for my son...

Above All PRAY for us.....Pray for Healing


Friday, September 2, 2016

Let WAWL Spin Your Tasty Tunes

Thursday 6-8pm 

Local Music Show

Email your tasty tunes to 

Please send only 1 mp3 file / 1 track per artist/band w/ artist name/song title

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Advantages To Booking At Ziggy's

Booking At Ziggy's

Recently I started booking at Ziggy's, and  have had been getting requests by bands of different genre.

 Ziggy's has been known mostly for booking Underground Metal/Punk bands in Chattanooga, but I 

think we can expand this and book other genre as well. I have started booking Bluegrass,Country, 

Folk & Blues on Sundays and have the bands to preform in front of Ziggy's bc on Sundays they

 don't have Karaoke. 

I have noticed that many local bands, that have not booked Ziggy's don't know the benefits of it.

Ziggy's gives you freedom to be creative with your show (as long as you clean up after) this also 

gives you experience. If you are a local band all you need to do is book a date, after you have the date

 locked down you have the freedom of  building your own line up, setting set times and cover charge 

at the door, but with freedom also comes responsibility, you are responsible for paying the other 

bands out of cover charge you collect from the door and you are responsible for having a door person 

to collect money. There isn't any overhead so split money collected equally.  

We do help promote your show

Another thing I don't think everyone realizes is Ziggy's has the best stage of any venue in 

Chattanooga..and no one will be micromanaging your show....if you need help with anything or run 

into issues we are there to help,