Thursday, April 5, 2012


March 16th at SHAM=ROCK, hosted by Red State at Ziggy;s Chattanooga TN. was one of the best performances I have seen Red State put on so far....The lighting made great pics and videos.

Red State will be at Ziggy's 4/20 along with American Lesion and Stoneline. This will be one sick show.

5/31  You can catch Red State at the Honest Pint.  These guys are going from cement blocks to chandeliers. Its about time.

At the SHAM=ROCK Red State debuted their new song Sweet Mary Jane.....I love it. was singing it in my head the rest of the night.

Sincere Malevolence put on a kick ass show...You can say anything you want but Sincere Malevolence Rocked Ziggy's out.....

Take a peek at the pics and videos of SHAM=ROCK I have posted
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