Thursday, April 25, 2013



This years 420 show @ZIGGY'S UNDERGROUND had three of Chattanooga’s top ten bands according to reverbnation. First on the bill was Red State, second to perform was Subkonscious, & Sinner Of Attention . Even Though this lineup drew a large crowd it could have been more but, two of the three bands performed in a unscheduled showcase  at Track 29 competing to open for Three Days Grace on April 30th.

Sinner Of Attention headlining the Smoking Hot 420 Show @ Ziggy's Underground was just that, Smoking Hot. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of watching these guys perform and in both shows they start their set off with a blues / southern rock         
sound and as the set progresses they end with a stoner / metal sound, leaving your ears buzzing on the ride home. I don’t know about you, but if my ears aren’t buzzing (as well as my head) on the ride home, then I haven’t been to a concert. I have to give credit to Sherry Huff for recommending  the band for the 1st Annual Music For Mutts. This group of guys maybe young in age but more seasoned than some bands I’ve heard that have played together for years. My personal favorite of theirs is “Sunshine” (same as nickname my papaw gave me).

Subkonscious, have a hard rock / punk sound, these guys are not only talented they are entertaining. This makes the third time I’ve been to one of their shows and in each one Carl Foshay makes unpredictable and entertaining not only to listen to but also to watch and fun to video,  I’m  afraid to step away or stop videoing during one of their sets because I might  miss a clip of him dancing or jumping from a speaker, wearing a green toto.Even though they performed the night before in the Track 29 Showcase, their set was just as high energy as the night before. I know these guys had to be exhausted because I was and I’m behind the camera (Regardless of your opinion of this type of showmanship, you have to admit it grabs your attention).

Red State jumped the show off strong. I have watched these guys perform countless times from the time Drew Posey  formed the band and the past two shows have been the best by far. They have recently added a new member to the band Tessa.  April 19th at the Track29 Showcase was her first show as lead guitar were she really showed her skills.
As far as I know, I maybe wrong but I believe they have the only female guitarist in a stoner / metal genre  in Chattanooga Band area.  The band has recently wrote a new diverse song list. Developed to play with most genre. You may find their name on a bill with bands ranging from Southern rock to Heavy metal to some Blues.

If you have an opportunity to book these bands or just catch one of their shows, its well worth it.

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