Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chattanooga Bands Indie Radio Play Blocks

Chattanooga Hip/Hop-Rap Hour 

4:29 p.m.- 5:42 p.m. 

  TITLE                   ARTIST

  Rock 'Em To Sleep                             Ill-iteracy
   Workflow                                     Tyran Brown Produced By DEknight
GET_LIKE_ME                                   Strata-G
Bumpin My Shit                                 Southern Croat (soCro)
cut the dove loose                                 Mdahts
elect of god-doombox                             Lord Subliminal
F*ckin Problem Remix                           Floami Fly
GOIN HAM                                         C-Grimey
Rock this way                                    Natural Habitz prod by Kunstruct
 Hold It Down                                    Cho Chaser
Boomin Off Da Chain                                Lil Pooney
BUHHD AYCE REMIX 2                Opportunities423 Produced by DJ Skinny ILL 
fly                                                        SOUTHPAW DA MONEYMAKA
Fly (ft. Sparkz)                                    Digital Butter
Get Lifted                                            THUGGY
Humpty Dumpty                                  Ant Taylor
Mr. President                                      AJB4
UM TOO KOOL                                KG SO KRAZZY
White Trash                                      Blazin J
Seductive                                        Kids Across The Street
Louder                                          Meda of Natural Habitz

Chattanooga Country/Rockabilly Hour

5:43 p.m.- 6:29 p.m.   

  TITLE                     ARTIST

 THE FIRE                                              SOUTHLANDER
Ain't No Waylon                                      Hillbilly Sins
Things I Never Done                              CARL GARNER
We're Gonna Tie One on Tonight         A Man Called Bruce
REDNECK FRIENDS OF MINE              Cody McCarver
Sweet Life                                             Brody Johnson Band
Poor Man's Cocaine                             Channing Wilson
Too Far Gone                                     FLOYD BLEDSOE &  Carl Garner
Take Me Away                                   Herb Bushnell
Every Part Of Me                                 Josh Gilbert
Through Children's Eyes                     John Bell
STAY AROUND                                  RYAN OYER    
Love Him More                                 Tony Campbell

ChattaRocks Hour 

6:30 p.m.- 7:20 p.m. 

    TITLE             ARTIST

 Too late for Love                        Cover by Arson
  Bullet                                         Dustin Curry
 Rock n' Roll Blood                      Wings of Apollo
 Angelic Walls                            The Unsatisfied
 Addiction                                    The Kite Fighters
THE DOOR                                 PLVNET
Ashes to Ashes                           Rokaholix
Aluminum                                      Annachrome
BIG BAD WOLF                           JODY GOULD
The Way It's Always Been           Subkonscious
                                                      STONELINE Ba Nd
drive_hot - or - cold                       Marlow
Days Of The Uprite                       MEEKS

Chattanooga Metal Hour 

7:20 p.m.- 8:22 p.m 

 TITLE                    ARTIST

Indoctrinate                              Chronicles Of Submission
Silent hell                                            Hazmat
Chain Dog                                        Yogi Bone
Freak Show                                   Ten Foot Grave
Eat the Decomposed                        Illicit Rite
 Fading Light                                      Minor Nine
C_este la Vie                                 Nosecone Prophets
Humiliate the Suffering                        PUKE
Nevermore                                          VanKale
Exalted                                      Sickness in the System
Eat the Decomposed                         Illicit Rite
 Severed Ties                                    Enruined
Midnite Wednesday                        No More People
Drowning In Sorrows                      Redeem the Broken

Chattanooga Hip/Hop-Rap Hour 

8:23 p.m.- 9:42 p.m.

  TITLE                   ARTIST

Medicated Finale                     DRPMUZIK
Desecration                            Gold Plated Gold
BUHHD AYCE REMIX 2         Opportunities423
Apple                                       Lord Subliminal
Get Lifted                                 THUGGY
Throw Away The Trash           AJB4
GET_IT_IN                               Strata-G
GOODBYE                              The Benz aka Da Bald Head Grim Reaper
Boomin Off Da Chain               Lil Pooney
Stop Hatin' Bitch                       C Breeze
Holdin You                                CHOKE-O
Fly (ft. Sparkz)                          Digital Butter
cut the dove loose                    Mdahts
Rock this way                           Natural Habitz
GOIN HAM                                 C-Grimey  
White Trash                               Blazin J
Rock 'Em To Sleep                   Ill-iteracy
Hold It Down                             Cho Chaser
Workflow                                   Big Mike Mic
Bumpin My Shit                         Southern Croat (soCro)
Dolla's On The Brain                 The Benz aka Da Bald Head Grim Reaper
F*ckin Problem Remix               Floami Fly

Chattanooga Country/Rockabilly Hour 

9:43 p.m. -10:33 p.m.

  TITLE                     ARTIST

My Trouble is Gone                                 The Real Bob Carty

THE FIRE                                                SOUTHLANDER

We're Gonna Tie One on Tonight           A Man Called Bruce

Sweet Life                                                Brody Johnson Band

The Unclouded Day                                 Eight Days After

In the Name of The Lord                          Anthony Quails

STAY AROUND                                        RYAN OYER

Poor Man's Cocaine                                 Channing Wilson     
REDNECK FRIENDS OF MINE              Cody McCarver
She Comes and Goes                              Robert Lee
Sun Ray                                                    Jonathan Poe
Lonesome Soul                                        The Hillbilly Sins
Movie Star Lips                                          JOHN BELL JR

ChattaRocks Hour 

10:34 p.m.-11:52 p.m. 

    TITLE             ARTIST

I Wanna Be Like You                             Opposite Box
Def Leppard - Too late for Love             Arson
Dig                                                          Milele Roots
Aluminum                                               Annachrome
THE DOOR                                            PLVNET
Angelic Walls                                         The Unsatisfied
Religion                                                   Sinner Of Attention
Bullet                                                       Dustin Curry
The Way It's Always Been                      Subkonscious
Feelin' Fine                                              Barefoot And Blindfolded
Stealing Pop Culture                               Hygopian
drive_hot - or - cold                                 Marlow Drive
Down Hill                                                 Becca & Mutt
Addiction                                                  The Kite Fighters
Rock n' Roll Blood                                  Wings of Apollo
Standing On Shaky Ground                    Scenic City Soul Revue
If I Were The Devil                                   Rokaholix
BIG BAD WOLF                                      JODY GOULD

Chattanooga Metal Hour 

11:53 p.m.-

 TITLE                    ARTIST

Severed Ties                                         Enruined

The Lamb                                               CoveredScars

C_este la Vie                                          Nosecone Prophets

Freak Show                                            Ten Foot Grave

Speed Kills                                              RED STATE

Drowning In Sorrows                             Redeem the Broken

Indoctrinate                                             Chronicles Of Submission

Exalted                                                    Sickness in the System
Left 4 Dead                                              HAZMAT
Midnite Wednesday                                No More People
Vicious Rampage                                    PUKE
Fading Light                                            Minor Nine
Eat the Decomposed                              Illicit Rite
Alive Back Then                                      Yogi Bone
Nevermore                                              VanKale

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