Monday, February 22, 2016

The Local Music Scoop

            I recently heard one of our very own local musicians on the radio. I crank the car and before I could switch stations (husband drove last), I heard ...Next a new release from Kane  Brown "Used To Love You Sober".I have been following this artist for the past year, so I knew  Kane had been recording in Nashville,  I had seen the video on YouTube a week or so ago, but this was the first time I heard him on the radio. It gives me a fuzzy feeling inside to know another one of our local musicians is going to make it Big..

Check out Kane Browns newest single   Used To Love You Sober           

And speaking of making it Big....the formerly known the Brody Johnson Band recently announced  the new band name Smith & Wesley.. they have recently signed with Garage Door Records I have followed the Brody Johnson Band for the past 3 years....and have been spinning their tunes on Chattanooga Bands Indie Radio  the past couple yrs , I had a strong feeling they would be one of the few that make It.....We have alot of talented  musicians in Chattanooga but not all of them get heard by the right people ........Congrats to Smith & Wesley... Chattanooga Bands are very proud of you guys......
Check them out ...Smith & Wesley

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