Friday, May 13, 2016

Think Your Band Has Fans.....

Got Fans? Prove it! This is a show series presented by 

NRE's Strata-G and Dutchman (of Natural Habitz)... 2 

separate cash prizes will be given for the 'most fans' and for 

the 'livest performance'! ...The event will alternate between 

hip hop & R&B and rock bands!

Think your band has what it takes, then you need to jump on 

this bill...there are still a few slots to fill on the July 22nd bill at

 Ziggy's 607 Cherokee Blvd. 

The band that brings the most 

fans will win $$ cash $$, most of all the reputation as a 

band that can fill a venue & that's priceless  (impressive 

on your bands EPK ) 

contact: Strata G

 Follow the link to event page on facebook 

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