Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Advantages To Booking At Ziggy's

Booking At Ziggy's

Recently I started booking at Ziggy's, and  have had been getting requests by bands of different genre.

 Ziggy's has been known mostly for booking Underground Metal/Punk bands in Chattanooga, but I 

think we can expand this and book other genre as well. I have started booking Bluegrass,Country, 

Folk & Blues on Sundays and have the bands to preform in front of Ziggy's bc on Sundays they

 don't have Karaoke. 

I have noticed that many local bands, that have not booked Ziggy's don't know the benefits of it.

Ziggy's gives you freedom to be creative with your show (as long as you clean up after) this also 

gives you experience. If you are a local band all you need to do is book a date, after you have the date

 locked down you have the freedom of  building your own line up, setting set times and cover charge 

at the door, but with freedom also comes responsibility, you are responsible for paying the other 

bands out of cover charge you collect from the door and you are responsible for having a door person 

to collect money. There isn't any overhead so split money collected equally.  

We do help promote your show

Another thing I don't think everyone realizes is Ziggy's has the best stage of any venue in 

Chattanooga..and no one will be micromanaging your show....if you need help with anything or run 

into issues we are there to help, 
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